Reasons and Counting Why I Love Calgary

Also called “The Heart from the New West”, Calgary is situated in Alberta, Canada in the foothills from the Rocky Mountain tops and also at the junction from the Bow and Elbow Rivers.

Due to our location we obtain nice warm Chinook winds throughout the winters so we also have lots of sun, actually we obtain more times of sunshine each year then every other Canadian city.

Calgary is amazing for thus a lot of reasons, over 20 which are detailed below however this is in no way an thorough list. I encourage you to definitely leave a remark with a few of the reasons you like Calgary!

Economic Strength – Calgary is Canada’s number 1 economic artist and hosts an assorted variety of industries, such as the energy, finance, manufacturing, transportation, technology, film and inventive industry industries.

Taxes – Calgary doesn’t have provincial florida sales tax along with a very competitive tax structure, permitting local people to reduce every purchase.

Prosperous Home, Work – Calgary was rated as a good option to operate in Canada through the Globe and Mail.

The Toronto Board of Trade also named Calgary the next most prosperous town of 24 metropolitan areas in the newest wealth index.

Today’s Parent magazine rated the town one of the top 5 best metropolitan areas for families and also the Economist rated Calgary because the fifth best city to reside in the planet in the newest livability survey.

The Rocky Mountain tops and Banff National Park are only a gemstones discard (ok, not a stone throw, but based on where you stand within the city a long it might take is all about 1 hour 30 minutes).

Eco-friendly Spaces – 500 approximately parks and reserves provide rewarding wildlife viewing possibilities and invigorating hiking and biking trails.

Free Health care – Anyone can enter any physician or hospital 24 hrs each day all year round and receive free treatment inside an hour (or two).

High Earnings – Greatest personal earnings levels per person and much more riches per person than elsewhere in Canada.

Lakes – Alberta also boasts greater than 600 ponds for water-sport enthusiasts. Take a look at Sikome Lake in Seafood Creek Provincial Park this summer time!

Winter Passage – Biggest plus 15 network in The United States, giving the downtown core a handy method of getting around especially throughout the cold winter.