Terms and Conditions

The Company reserves the authority to sub-contract the fulfilment of the order or any kind thereof.

Any images provided digitally is going to be integrated into designs at no cost, provided that they’re of appropriate quality. All images have to be provided as Expanded polystyrene illustrator vector for logos and 300dpi (min) Illustrator tiffs for pictures. Any logos that should be re-attracted is going to be billed extra at our hourly rate. All provided images needing checking or modifications to become billed at £10 per image. Images acquired from exterior image libraries may incur additional licence/royalty charges due through the Client.

If the Client supply text, artwork or images for that designer’s service, the designer isn’t obliged to edit, check or ensure the correctness thereof by any means whatsoever, and also the finish product or printing will be made in the entire chance of the customer.

The Company will be indemnified through the Client according associated with a claims, costs and expenses developing from any libellous matter or any violation of copyright, patent design or other proprietary or personal privileges found in any material provided through the Client. The indemnity shall include any amounts compensated on the lawyer’s advice in settlement associated with a claim.

Origination and/or conceptual work and then any copyright subsisting therein shall remain the home from the Agency unless of course otherwise decided to on paper using the Client.

The Client’s property and property provided towards the Agency with respect to the customer, even though it is the responsibility of the company or on the road to or in the Client, is going to be considered to become at Client’s risk unless of course otherwise agreed and also the Client should insure accordingly.

The Company may charge rent for storage of products maintained at Client’s request, or products playing the company before delivery of the order or after notification towards the Client of completing the job.

When needed to expedite project delivery in front of the time required for correct manufacture of confirmed deadline, the company shall ‘t be responsible for defects occasioned therefore. Should such delivery require payment of overtime wages, delivery charges or any other additional costs, these kinds of extra supplies is going to be for that Client’s account.

The Company shall ‘t be needed to make use of, print, upload or hold any matter which in the opinion is or might be of the illegal or libellous character or perhaps an violation from the proprietary or any other privileges of a 3rd party.